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Torrelodones Shopping Center

Name: Torrelodones Shopping Center
Nummer: 3914
Kunde: Torrelodones Shopping Center
Standort: Madrid, SP
Vertreter: Evergreen Solutions
Lösungen: Einkaufszentrum und Einzelhandel
Produkte: Bewegbare Oberlichter / Dächer
Grösse: 4m x 24m, 4 units, 384m2
Verglasung: Guardian Sunguard Bronze 40/27 8T/16Ar/66.2
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Located in Madrid, Torreledones shopping center is one of our clients who are happy with our Sunroof product. The shopping mall had an open roof area which is attracted but not viable for every weather condition. The architects working on the project get in connection with Libart and amazed to see how sunroof product can provide them a shelter during the winter and create an outdoor area during the good weathers. It transforms an outdoor area in indoor within just a few minutes.
The glass roof same alike skylight empowered the owners to control the environment, by giving their customers the feel of outdoor space and indoor shopping center. Moreover, the slope design of the retractable roof has the feature to drain out the water underneath the steel rails that behold the strength of the structure. Furthermore, the slope is on both sides to standardize the design and improves the style of the structure. The combination of all these features makes Torreledones shopping centre operational for twelve months of the year with an attractive roof design. 

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