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Cincinnati Nippert Stadium

Cincinnati Nippert Stadium
Name: Cincinnati Nippert Stadium
Nummer: 2783
Kunde: University of Cincinnati Nippert Stadium
Standort: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Lösung: Sport & Freizeit
Produkte: Vertikal Fenster / Türen
Grösse: 4m x 4m (4 units)
Verglasung: 6mm Clear T. + 20 + 6mm Clear T.
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Nippert stadium located on the campus of University of Cincinnati, Ohio is an important place for football fans. It is the home ground of the Cincinnati Bearcats football team that is loved by the public within the state. Every single match witness thousands of spectators on the benches and enclosures. You must have heard the phrase “The game must go on” and these words holistically apply on the football game. The enclosures in the stadium built on the same theory so that the spectators can entertain with the game in all weathers. The guillotine windows is the answer to the solution.

However, the question is that; whether they can enjoy the same view from the enclosure with the closed windows in bad weather? The answer is “Yes” but specifically for the Nippert stadium which installs Libart Panoramic windows that offers smooth views. 

Secondly, the view from the enclosure to the field is so important that ordinary window that has the structural hindrance in between can lead to frustration. Libart concept of Panoramic view through vertical retracting windows is a perfect match that offers a clean and unobstructed view of the field. The experience of the spectators that enjoy the game from the enclosures of Nipper stadium is absolute. Looking at the game from these windows is similar to watching it on a large horizontal glass screen but with a real feel. Horizontal large openings, vertical retraction, perfect insulation, excellent natural light, four season’s enjoyment and above all these automatic guillotine windows have a sleek design that shapes the ideal environment to spend time in. 

The project was appreciated by the clients with smiles and excitement. 

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